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This project features interviews of Trans POC muses and clothing creation based on their desires and needs related to their own self-expression. Explore the process for each muse and the data derived from general surveys about fashion gender expression.


Angels of History calls for less exclusionary practices and representation for more transgender people of color in the context of fashion, asking the questions: Why should every model be thin, white, and cisgender? Why should clothing be made without the input of the wearer? And why do only the rich elite receive clothing that is custom made? At this moment, not everyone's fashion desires and needs are being met due to issues such as exclusionary sizing practices or the strict gender binary. Arjahn Cox has created a new system of wearer-based design centering around the wearer’s desires and needs. Working with transgender people of color to shift from the historically cisgender and white world of fashion, Arjahn has created a four-look collection based on the desires and needs of four different muses who were found via general survey, chosen based on their responses, interviewed, and designed for, leading to final garments and outcomes. 



This is a system of wearer-based design used and created for this project by Arjahn Cox. First, a general survey is conducted in which anyone can participate and muses/models are then chosen. Muses are then interviewed to find out their desires and needs relating to their self-expression. Designer then designs based on the muse's desires and needs leading to a final custom clothing outcome. In future iterations of the project, muses would keep the garments in exchange for monetary or other (ex: working as a fit model for the brand) exchanges.

Process journal

Intensions and Initial Thoughts

Drawings for color and message

Project Messaging

Data Book

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